Dog Communication use kind, effective methods and focus on using dogs to teach other dogs appropriate behaviour. We are based in Banstead, Surrey, and specialise in dogs that have dog aggression issues.


Dog Communication offer off-lead socialisation, on-lead socialisation, one-to-one sessions, clicker training workshops, recall workshops and TTouch workshops.


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  • Do you wish your dog was more friendly and confident with other dogs?
  • Do other dog walkers go the other way if they see you and your dog(s) coming?
  • Are you worried your dog is aggressive towards people or other dogs?
  • Does your dog want to play but end up intimidating other dogs?
  • Are you trying to socialise your dog with other sociable dogs but finding it hard?

If the answer is 'yes' to any of the above - then we can help you.


*** New - Lifeskills classes for older puppies ***


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Dogs understand each other far better than we ever can, and some dogs have the ability to teach other dogs canine etiquette.  We call them “teaching dogs”.


Both of these dogs are from our Shy Guys group - Bryn the collie was very unsocialised, and Casper the chihuahua had been very scared by other dogs in the past. They have become firm friends. These images are a superb example of polite canine communication, each dog making the other feel perfectly comfortable.